A/D/S M15 Speakers

Any opinions on the A/D/S M15 speakers how do they stack up against the earlier L series speakers.That being said the M15's are now over 20 years old would I be money ahead to look a current production speakers using new technology.
I used to own the M15s. The Ms image better and are capable of playing louder, but the tweeters on the M15 never impressed me. The M15 cabinets were also a somewhat resonant, and I always wondered if that colored the sound. The Ls were better in that regard. IMO, both of these speakers are bested by products with the latest midrange and tweeter technologies.
OTOH I acquired a pair of L-1590-Mk.2 in ROSEWOOD and they looked incredibly nice. i meticulously straightened any bent parts of the metal grills until they looked almost brand new, waxed them up, etc. they put out wonderful bass from the twin 10 inch woofers, and the mids and tweeters were some of the best in the world during times past. Even though yes, i have much better speakers now (tech wise), i still yearn for those ADS speakers which didn't discriminate like today's designs between which recordings are SOTA and which aren't. they sounded good to very good on EVERYTHING.
I heard the M-12's in a store display up against a wall, but they did sound fine to me- considering all the TV's and other noises in the room as well.
then they marketed the M-20's- HORRIBLE SPEAKERS (IMHO). the M-30's - spotted them once in a store for $8500 i believe. Very exotic looking but never got to hear them. And that (i believe) was all she wrote- ADS then ceased to exist as a high-end speaker manufacturer.
I wonder how those (huge) M-30's might have sounded like? way out of my price range at the time anyway...
I heard the M30s once, at an audio show in LA. They sounded *very good*, with imaging superior to any other ADS speaker. I've never heard the M20s.