75ohm vs 110ohm digital cables

I am seeking some clarification. I have a Esoteric transport and DAC and am looking to upgrade the digital cables to a dual XLR (being the units can accept that). In looking at cables some are 75ohm and some are 110ohm. I cannot find anything in the manuals that states which should be used? Any clarification here would be useful as I am reluctant to purchase anything till I am confident I am getting the right one. Is this something that is user choice? Any impact on sound quality?

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For S/PDIF connections, 75 ohm coaxial cable should be used. For AES (XLR connector), 110 ohms twisted-pair cable should be used.

S/PDIF is single-ended. AES/EBU is differential or "balanced".

Steve N.
Empirical Audio