6922/6DJ8/E88CC on B&K tube tester

Just bought a B&K 650 tube tester. I have lots of 6922/6DJ8/E88CC/ECC88 that I need to match, but the booklet that came with the tester does not include an entry for that tube. I also tried looking up 7308, no luck there either.

Does anyone know which socket and setting I can use to test the 6922 variant? Or what other name does 6922 have?
I have a small portable B&K Dynajet 606 that is able to test the 6922 family of tubes. It actually has separate entries in the manual for 6922 and 6DJ8 and slightly different settings as well.

Do you have the manual or tube subsitution guide associated with your particular unit? I had to hunt through my guides to find the proper settings.

I think you've pretty well listed the different guises this tube comes in. If it's any clue, the listings for 6922 and 6DJ8 were in completely different sections of my manual, as was 7308.

I have browsed thru the whole entire booklet to look for any entry on 6922, 6DJ8, E88CC, ECC88, and 7308. I did not see any of them listed anywhere and that's why I decided to ask for help here.

Maybe you can do me a big favor and see what other tube does that socket allow and I will just use that socket for 6922 variant. Also, if you can tell me the setting for 6922 and others. I understand different model might have different setting, but I am using the tester mainly to match, not to gauge pass/fail, so incorrect setting might not be fatal.


Sorry to hear that. One problem though. Another Audiogoner has my tube tester right now. I won't be getting it back for a week or two.

I do see your point about the sockets and settings might being the same for both testers.

Sorry, I couldn't be more help.
The 650 is very similar to the 700 & 707 (who's manuals are available on the BAMA Mirror site), I suggest you try the settings listed for one of them. B&K updated their tube manuals frequently so many do not have the later model tubes listed. I have an original copy of the final 650 manual coming this week, if it has any of the 6dj8 family tubes listed I will email you the settings. The only thing you would need to determine would be which 9 pin mini socket to use, which shouldn't be too difficult as all of the pin 1's, pin 2,s, etc., etc. etc. on thru pin #9's are connected in series to one another.
I have a couple of B+H 650 testers. The setting are???
6 for Heater, Socket 50, Sensitivity setting is 57.
Setting are the same for all the 6DJ8 family of tubes on the 650 tester.
6922 and E88CC setting are: H-12, Socket 50, Ses- 87
6DJ8 and ECC88 Are: H-6, Socket- 50, Sens- 57
7308 is: Not Listed, but 7408 is H-6, Socket 63, Sens- 84

I know this is an old thread but I thought information should be corrected.