2012 RMAF Analog Reports + Meet and Greet

2012 RMAF Analog Reports + Meet and Greet

Please feel free to post your attendance plans now and your analog experiences after the show.

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is quickly approaching. Just like last year, I�m planning to use this thread to capture anticipated analog related information about the show as well as impressions.

The past four years of RMAF visits have been fun, entertaining, and rewarding. I go to the show for many reasons but mostly to meet other music lovers/audiophiles and industry professionals. The diversity of music, equipment, and personalities are very interesting to me. A link to last year's comments can be found here: 2011 RMAF Comments

I�ve also found out that AudiogoN member Cello has set up a meet and greet on Friday night @ Garcia's Restaurant located across the street from the Marriot. The past three meet and greets in 2008, 2009 2010, and 2011 have been very enjoyable. I expect the same from this one as well.
Garcia�s Mexican Restaurant
5050 South Syracuse
Denver, CO
Tel# 303-779-4177
Directly across the street from Marriott Tech
(Back Room)
Hi All,

We will be having our Annual Meet and Greet on Friday night at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

Please come and join us between 6-8 PM @ Garcia�s Restaurant directly across the street from the Marriott Tech hotel (we have reserved the back room).

Garcia�s has been kind enough to extend a 2 for 1 drink special to us (along with free Chips and Salsa) for Margaritas and Beer. You can also order food and have dinner as well.

In the previous years, it has been suggested that we put our AudiogoN Monikers in the field below our names on the RMAF badges. I think this is a great idea to continue into this year.

I'm looking forward to meeting many of you at the show,
I plan to attend all three days and catch up with friends and spend some time with Analog. I'm currently working on my list of LPs I plan to bring along with me for system evaluation.

RMAF details:
The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest will be held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel.
This Friday, October 12 Thru Sunday October 14, 2012
Show Hours:
Friday: noon to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: 9am to 4pm

Hi Dre,

I plan to make it to Garcia's on Friday. Still working on my list of LP's as well. I don't think I will bring that many so I will have room in my bag to bring some back ;).

See you there.

Hi Sean,

I've managed to get the LP list down to 15. Just 5 over my 10 count limit. I'll try to reduce it down a little more.

BTW, There is always room for bringing some back. Even if I have to use FedEx...

I'll arrive in Denver on Thursday.

Look forward to seeing you,
The show starts today, Friday Ocotber 12th.

If there are items you are interested in comments on, you can post them hear. Maybe one of our members attending will be able to provide some feedback for you.

Yesterday I ran into Jeff Catalano of High Water Sound. A couple new things he will be showing include a new Tron Stereo Amplifier, and the new TW Acoustic Raven GT.

I also ran into Bill Parish of GTT Audio, one of the new items he's showing includes the completely new Tenor Amplifiers. My understanding is this amplifier is an all new design and the company is under new ownership in comparison to the Tenor of old.

I'l looking forward to hearing both rooms this weekend.

More later,