2 channel Preamp brain?

I am seeking to replace an adcom GTP-750II with a video process-capable strictly 2 channel output. Everything, and I mean everything I see 'new' has surround processing incorporated into it.

I really don't want to pay for that capability, and would instead wish to focus on a good two channel preamp that can run video through it.

What am I missing here? Are there used components that I should be looking at.

Marantz 6001 dvd
Adcom 545 II amp
Totem Forest
Seems to me all you have to do is run the audio outs to a 2-channel preamp and the video out to the TV directly from your Marantz 6001. That's how I've rigged one of my systems and it make a fine 'home theater' set up without the 'surround' feature. Eliminates the need for a pre with video processing
I have a video system set up with no processing, if you are going to use 2 channels don't bother, your TV can handle the switching, I am not even using a preamp, only a volume control and electronic crossover.
i fully concur with stanwal and jgicalgo--you're much better off using an audio-only preamp and running your marantz dvd directly to your tv than going through another stage of video processing through a preamp. the only reason i could see to run video through the preamp would be to have the ability to upconvert an older legacy video source, like a vcr. in such event, i'd probably get a used onkyo and marantz avr (which do a good job with the video), connect your power amp via the preamp outs and utilize the "direct" or "pure" mode on the avr, which should bypass most of the electronic gimmickry.
My bad.

I didn't clarify the crux of the problem.

I have a Tivo HD, and am unable to split the audio out of it to the preamp to the totem's with this particular preamp. The marantz is setup just how you said Jgiacalo... that part I got going.

Ideally I would just like to have the option of pushing audio from the TIVO to a preamp. That's the long and short of it.

I can't use the marantz as a 'go between' the tivo box and pre amp can I for audio out?
Music Hall Trio has S-video pass through and audio processing. Is that what you are looking for. All 2 channel.
Why not run the left & right audio outs (red&white) to your preamp and a component video cable to your TV. Go into the Tivo setup menu and set audio to stereo only output.
Do you mean a dedicated 2ch pre w/ HT bypass? If so, there are many and my recommendation is the Nuforce P-9 at around $1500 used.