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Turntable Isolation
I had the same issue with a turntable in the bedroom. Putting a record on a walking around would make it skip.not the mention the impact on the sound quality too. After trying many things I bought a couple of heavy duty brackets online and 20 sq i... 
Turntable Cartridge upgrade question.
I went from a 2m black to quintet black. There was much improvement but didn’t leave me with that wow factor until I switched to the Hana ML. I would recommend you listen to the Hana if you can. You’re likely to be pleasantly surprised and it’s wi... 
Focal aria 906
I was told they don’t provide parts directly to customers. 
Focal aria 906
That’s great to hear. I was a Linn listener for years but just got these recently. I am very impressed with them too. Unfortunately the tempered glass broke during shipping and I am hoping to find a replacement.