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Sharing SACDs
If you just share a CD (SACD), I think that is OK.  But, if you rip it then give it to someone else or the person you gave it to rips it, I believe that is illegal.  Just like you can't buy a CD, rip it, then sell it.  
Ripping CD's
I use XLD for burning CD's (Verbatim) on a MacBook Pro.  I am not sure if XLD is available for PC.  It is free and has been very reliable over the years.  For ripping, I use dbPoweramp, but XLD can also be used for ripping.  
Classical music newbie needs your suggestions
Check out this guy.  I certainly don't always agree with his opinions, but his knowledge of classical music is very deep.    
To ROON or not to ROON ?
A week ago I started to consider buying an Aurender to replace my NUC/Roon setup.  It turned out to b an easy decision.  The sound quality of the Aurender blows away the Roon setup.  More detail and a richer overall sound.   I actually think Roon... 
Best Digital Interface
As far as your second question is concerned, I think, but I'm not positive, that the new Bluesound Node that was just announced has USB output.  Check their website. 
Classical Top Five
Sorry, but how can Mahler, Sibelius and Stravinsky be left out.  So, have to remove Haydn and probably Brahms. 
Anyone have any experience with CD transports? Particularly Jay’s Audio?
I purchased a Jay's Audio CDT1 about 4 months ago.  It has been great. Well constructed and solid.   I received it within about 2 weeks of ordering (I'm in the US). 
CD Rip and Meta data - Can Roon do better than other services?
I have found that Apple Music often finds metadata that dbPoweramp and XLD don't find.  I'm not sure what their source is.  If you have a Mac, a trick I use is to bring up Apple Music (iTunes) when I insert the disk to rip.  Then bring up XLD and ... 
J. Sikora Initial turntable
Thanks for the replies.  I will likely forgo the Sikora.  There just doesn't seem to be much known about it (other than the Stereophile review) and I am concerned about after market support.I will likely opt for the Dr. Feikert table and spring fo...