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What happened to all the highend stereo shops
One side note re: the younger generation…at THE Show a few weeks ago, one very high end room was spinning Taylor Swift on the turntable. The vendor said he was trying to show the recording quality of the Midnights LP and that there was so much mis... 
need amp recommendations for more separation of instruments
Listen to the same recording on a pair of headphones. May help determine if the flute just isn’t prominent in the recording.  
Do you consider cables to be a "component" of your system?
I always wondered why there is never a discussion of the quality of cabling/wires  used “inside” the components we buy when discussing external cables/wire. Just thinkin’  
SPDIF vs. AES/EBU Sound Quality?
For what it’s worth, I recently bought a Simaudio Moon transport to pair with my Moon DAC. I called Simaudio and asked if I should upgrade to AES/EBU or keep using my current SPDIF cable. Their reply was “spend the money on music.”  
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Macy Gray, about 10 years. Sadly stumbling around the stage. Songs a jumbled mess. We left after 5 songs.And I also attended a Dylan concert where most songs were unrecognizable.Best...Rolling Stones with Stevie Wonder opening, Hollywood Palladium. 
Help !
...OR buy CD sleeves, recycle the jewel cases and you’ll use up 75% less storage space. 
I went to THE show and didn't make any friends ...
I thought the room with the Harbeth HL5 speakers sounded really good. Great bass, alive and quite smooth.  For $7,500 I believe.  They were paired with Nagra and Pear Audio TT, so nice stuff all around. 
Death of Rock 'n' Roll
I don't think it's a question of young musical or vocal talent......writing NEW rock songs is the challenge.