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Speaker Recommendations
I just sent back some Focal Aria 836 and as much as I loved the speakers, they could not fill my 19x19 room like my 2017 JBL 4312SE. They are being run by a Technics SU-G700 and they sound good with rock, jazz, electronic music and funk.   P.S. ... 
Technics SU-G700 Phono Question
No really, I don't understand what the Technics website says about how it digitize the sound, I guess maybe I don't understand what the process is doing? Is it adding its own sound(coloring) compared to a non digital integrate?  
Recommended Speakers For Digital Integrated
Funk, boogie, classic rock, jazz, house music. A little of everything.  
Best amp to pair with new JBL L-100 speakers
I have the JBL 4312SE 70th Anniversary edition and they sound great with the McIntosh MA252, Primaluna Dialogue Premium and currently running Technics SU-G700. I have not been disappointed with any of the three amps.  Andrew Robinson demoed the Te... 
Is it me or new audio gear is too perfect and give ear fatigue?
At the beginning of the pandemic I tried out a Cambridge CXA80 and had some fatigue and than sort of went away after getting use to it, but occasionally would get fatigue. Sold it and tried a vintage Marantz 2270 and also had slight fatigue but no... 
Another GaN smaller integrated, Technics SU-G30 has everything bar the kitchen sink.
Can anyone chime in on how this unit sounds with Tidal MQA? Does Tidal run from an app on this unit?  
Bluesound Node 2i vs Upscale streamers
I have a node 2i going directly into Primaluna Dialogue Premium. Will I hear a huge improvement upgrading to any of the higher end streamers mentioned. Also is it recommended to get a dac before the streamer to go to my integrated or streamer dire... 
Looking for a good system for my apartment. Any advise?
Muzishare X7 tube amp. Amazon Prime $1,299Bluesound Node 2i Amazon Prime $549Wharfedale Linton speakers with stand abot $1,500Google audio technica, you might find something nice around $500-$1,000Good luck 
Speaker Positioning
Start at 7:28 but i only laser to the center of sitting position. I don't follow his other recommendations.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1NP-s2p_pw&list=WL&index=78&t=23s 
Speaker Positioning
New McIntosh MA252
Sounds good with my JBL 4312 SEhttps://1drv.ms/u/s!AnTgSj_4fLBsjAWPBO72EsbFmjWT 
Amp for JBL 4312 SE
Any recommendations as far as tube amps go? Or is Solid state best for this speaker. Room about 14 x 14 high ceilings and no room treatment.