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Whats on your turntable tonight?
Sleep Live from Third Man Records.  Purple/Disc 3.   
Speaker hum
I discovered a light dimmer in my room was the culprit. 
Best $40 I've spent...maybe ever
5 bucks cheaper on Amazon. 
How do you store and catalog your vinyl?
Discogs is great.  Been using the app for a couple years now.  Just snap a shot of the UPS code or input the catalogue number....add record to your library.  A new app update was just released.  Everything I own is catalogued in Discogs.  It also ... 
VPI Prime or Scout or ???
It really depends on how serious you are?  If you have the cash, and you know you'll be upgrading eventually, Prime it.  If you are curious and just want to cruise with a solid table, knowing an upgrade is not in the future....Scout it.  If you ar...