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question for Luxman L-590AX owners
Buy a DC blocker in Bulgaria , it works fine for me . I,ts a small 122,- dollar investment. Be sure to order the right version...Be sure to order the 2v 6 diodes version.https://www.atlhifi.com/shop/fully-assembled-devices/dc-blocker-trap-filter-a... 
Looking for Linear Power Supply for my Mytek Brooklyn DAC. Suggestions?
The IFI power  is a perfect solution for a switch or router. But not for your mytek! Even compared to the internal psu it hasn,t the current or ampere. If you like a Sps in stead of Lps take the SotM sps500. Fine upgrade for you Brooklyn; But the ... 
Looking for Linear Power Supply for my Mytek Brooklyn DAC. Suggestions?
So far, I have tried Keces p8, Teddy Pardo, SotM, HD Plex and Sbooster. So far, the Farad3 by far is the best. Look for a good power cable. 
Linear Power supplies for DACs...?
Ian, in your case the LPS Farad3 psu is one of the best in the market. An excellent choice is also theSMPS from SotM Sps 500 with a clean filtered PSU. 
Metrum Onyx versus Metrum Pavane
I2s is a better step compared tot Spdif or AES/Ebu in my set. The match is also SuperB WITH ONYX OR Pavane.its adviced in MQA to do the unfold by roon. Although it possible to use a MQA module there is hardly SQ improvemend. Because the Metrum is ... 
Metrum Onyx versus Metrum Pavane
The onyx is the best value for money. As said by the developper Cees Ruytenberg himself. But that said the Pavane delivers a bit more relaxing, punch en extra deep bass. It has a bigger powersupply. The only way to notice iff its worth the investm... 
Has anybody compared the Brooklyn DAC or Brooklyn DAC plus to the Liberty DAC
Ive compared them both. The Dac,s of the brooklyn+ are more precise and refined.The sound is a bit more relaxed. Though the liberty has a great value for money. My personel choice was a Mytek Brooklyn+ But the liberty came close.. 
Optimal Volume and Settings for Mytek Brooklyn
Did you already update your Software to the latest version; then you are allowed to adjust your perfect volume settings on your DAC+ version , from 05 - to 4v. (1.8  is mostly recoomended). Before that you have (sometimes ) to mutch with output up... 
NAD M50.2
Voer je tekst in ..Hallo Everybody, im a proud owner of a M50.2 combination with a M51 dac. Has anyone compared cables already? For example AES/EBU vs HDMI?? I,m looking forward to youre answer...