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Review: Audio Note CDT 2 Transport
It's my understanding the black background you talk of is a trait of the Black Gate Capacitors. There was quite a good review of Black Gate capacitors in Hi Fi news a while back. Very nicley written Kevin. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
2001 Ford Explorer 
Stereophile "confirms" Moncrieff's SACD comments ?
I use the Audio Note cd player. There was a very well written review of the DAC used in this player on TNT. He compares it to a DCS. If you like I will dig it up as I agree completely with his findings. I live to far away for a showdown. Bummer 
Review: Audio Note DAC 3.1 Balanced DA converter
Very well written review. I only own the Audio Note cd player. It is outstanding. I can only imagine how good the DAC is. I have heard the transormer coupled pre amps and know that this technology makes a difference.JC do you also agree this sound... 
Stereophile "confirms" Moncrieff's SACD comments ?
Would be happy to have the honor. Was just at a shootout recently where this was done. In addition, we had an opportunity to compare a DAC which cost somewhere under $4900 against the SACD portion of the SCD-1. Needless to say I am not a SACD fan.... 
Stereophile "confirms" Moncrieff's SACD comments ?
It seems that some people are using the comparison of SACD to redbook based on results of listening tests of the two formats on their SACD players.I find it hard to believe that Sony, Marantz or anyone trying to sell a SACD machine is going to foc... 
Transformer coupled / Capacitor coupled
My father who ownes a Audio Research Ref Two and just got back from listenig to one of the transformer coupled pre-amps at JC Audio. He walked in the door and told me he was going to sell his preamp and for me to sell my pre-amp. He couldn't belie...