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MC loading at 47K
My experience with many different cartridges, and preamps over the years has been that I tend to prefer 47K loading for MC's. Anything much lower than that has usually (not always) made the cartridge unnaturally thick sounding, with loss of fine i... 
Can clicks and pops blow a tweeter?
I've never heard of anyone blowing their tweeters with clicks and pops, but statics will. 
What I learned on Audiogon This Year
Or even 1933... 
Adjusting SRA using macro lens vs microscope
Turn the setup 90 degrees, one could "ballpark" their azimuth as well. 
Ortofon A90 or Air Tight PC-1
Thuchan: I would bet my money on your opinion than TAS or Stereophile reviews :) Just curious, have you heard Thuchan's system?Me, I do not lay my trust in one's opinion unless I've personally heard their system. 
TriPlanar Tips
"Since it takes so little time (less than the duration of a cut on an LP), remove the trough and try a practical observation. It's pretty simple to do. It certainly takes less time than the posting that has been done." Oh no, it seem to go against... 
NOS Western Electric wire used for power cables??
Safety hazard, anyone? 
I believe they are Soliloquy 6.2s.http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?spkrfull&1273780049&/soliloquy-6.2-speaker 
Other than music, why are you an audiophile?
Buying vinyl. 
Dedicated lines- need break in?
Read clearly: "A FEW THINK THEY DO Not"!As for power cord vs. dedicated line: apples and oranges; different subject for another time(not what the poster asking) . 
Dedicated lines- need break in?
"The laws of physics are extrapolations from reality, not reality itself which is inevitably far more complex than the laws. The laws of mechanics don't predict that Stradivarius violins should sound better than modern violins either but few think... 
VPI SDS owners-
Good points, Tom.I believe those issues applies to every belt drive turntable with the exception of the direct drive....perhaps, which I have no experience with.