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The 5 stages of making a bad audio purchase
Stage 6--Rinse, repeat.Some can eventually reach a Stage 7. That happens when the frustration is so overwhelming that you lose the ability to think clearly and start, begin, and need to use three words to describe, detail, and explain every single... 
Tekton Double Impact & Comb Filtering
---Note to self.  Don't borrow $ from mofojo! 
2017 amps - $10K to $15K who is on your short list?
Bo=The Cooler. 
Clint Eastwood
Great, kdude.  Now, I'll never be able to watch a Clint Eastwood movie without picturing him chillin' in some monster music room listening to Coltrane on some monster stereo while chowing on a ketchup-slathered tofu dog.  Thanks for that. 
Clint Eastwood
Geoff--Nobody puts ketchup on a hot dog. 
The Slow Secret Death of the Guitar
Very sad.