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Cayin iDAC-1 Remote Control
Not yet but thanks for the reference!  I'll give him a shout.   
Non-Compressed Alternative of CDs
Hello @kitjv ... CD's can still be managed with computer in all the usual ways.  You just will not be able to import and listen to these files while in TIDAL.  
Non-Compressed Alternative of CDs
There is a ton of posts out there about this topic.   I'm in the middle of working through this myself in recent weeks and this is what I've experienced so far.I choose two platforms,  Apple and TIDAL.  Apple because SHAZAM is well integrated and ... 
New Hobby Ultrasonic Record Cleaning
Ultrasonics really is the way to go.  I went all in for the AutoDesk when they first came out many moons ago.   Glad to see less expensive systems coming out.   I second @lowrider57 's ask for a link.