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Magnapan LRS+ VS .7
I own LRS+ and I think I could make them work in most rooms. They are fantastic speakers for the money, they do so much very well, even the bass that they do have is done very well.  
ps audio 200c repair Good luck.  
Shootout: Roon versus Plex, Qobuz versus Tidal: Who Won?
Mapman, Thanks for the comparison’s. I have done the same, with my EVO 150, between Tidal and Qobuz and came to the same conclusion as you have....sound wise it’s a wash so Qobuz wins on being the cheaper option, although, from what I’v read, I t... 
Help optimizing my streaming setup
Works very well for me, easily worth a grand or so IMO.    
Why are there so many wooden box speakers out there?
Why have a box or even an enclosure of any kind. Magnepan figured it out long ago.   
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
It’s a Beautiful Day, album or disk White Bird 1967.. some, very long term, legal hassle keeps the original album off of Tidal  
Bragging rights.....
mapman, Welcome to future-fi. I bought my Evo 150 about 6 months or so ago, traded a Cambridge receiver for it, so my system wasn't high end to begin with. I wasn't all that happy with it, the Evo, Roon and Tidal, until recently when I purchased... 
Suggestion for $10K soup to nuts digital?
First begin here-video smallgreencomputer, clean up the signal path,  and then branch out.  
Maggie 1.7i's lack detail. Ideas?
This article has an unorthodox placement but I tried it with my LSRs and the placement raised the sound quality many levels above what I had before. I have plenty of room so this may not work for many but my room is also very bright with 14 window... 
A** Kicking, Rock and Roll!
J Geils Full House, double album  
Would I be crazy to swap B&W 800 series for Klipsch RP series? (804S VS RP-260F)
emig5mhello, New to posting. I don’t know if you already decided or not but this review in Home Theater compares the new Klipsch RP-280FA’s to the reviewers own reference speakers the Revel Performa3 F206 towers. Just one review, for what it's wor...