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Aurender N100H vs N10
Correction, it is  Aurender not Auralic's response. 
Aurender N100H vs N10
Someone asked Aurender about the USB difference between N10 and N100h  and Auralic's response is that the USB interface in N10 and N100h are exactly same,although N10 has better parts and power supply, which may still make some sound difference in... 
I have dac2x and am considering to upgrade to v2.tomr1, what source you are using with dac2x? computer or network stream server?I use aurender N100 with dac2x and wonder how much difference the v2 usb galvanic isolation  will add? Does adding a Up... 
PerfectWave DAC / Zodiac Gold Shootout Round 1
I also found that the balanced output of PWD is much better than RCA, especially XLR sounds more dynamically (both plays at the same sound level).