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Are Naim speakers worth the money
Naim electronics are very good. The speakers, however, are not that well known. My Naim dealer did not even recommend Naim speakers. For me, I just do not like the look. Since they will be part of my furniture, I'd rather to have a pair of speaker... 
NAIM 72/180, Nait5i vs KRELL 300iL
I had Krell 300iL and now I have Naim Nait5i. I paired the Krell with Celestion SL700SE (used to be the top of the line of Celestion). The combo sounded very tiring, I could not listen to this combo for a long time. However, now with my Nait5i and... 
Sonus Faber Auditor with 20 tube watts?
I have a pair of SF Cremona Auditor driven by Nait5i (Naim's entry level integrated). For my room size of 12 x 18 x 16 (height), the 50watt Nait5i has more than enough power to the level of volume that I like to listen. I rarely crank the volume k... 
Cables for Cremona auditors
I use NACA5. This is Naim Speaker Cable, MSRP $10/ft.This cable sounds great with my Auditor. A friend of mine who owns SF Amati uses the same cable. However, please note that we use all Naim gears. 
Audience AU24, are they good?
Do old (used) cables deteriorate in the ability to produce good sounds? or it does not make a difference buying old used cables? Please advise. 
Review: Revel Ultima Salon Speaker
I had also listened to Revel Ultima Salon connected to Krell 750 monoblock. They are the best speakers that I have listened, very relax and musical. 
Review: Krell Resolution 2 Speaker
Currently, I am in the market for a pair of loudspeakers. About two weeks ago, I went to a Krell dealer on the Northwest Highway in Palatine and auditioned both the Resolution 2 and 3. Unfortunately, this dealer does not have good setup. They are ... 
Revel F30 vs Celestion A3:please help to decide
I used to have SL700SE. I am always afraid that once the tweeter or woofer broke, I will never get a replacement. Therefore, I sold that pair.I have not listend to F32, however, I have listened to Ultima Salon. The Salon is definitely much better ... 
Krell KAV-400xi, how good is it?
I had a chance to compare Krell 400xi with Krell 750 MCX monoblock, connected to a pair of Revel Studio/Salon(not sure with the model, it was the most expensive model of Revel loudspeakers) with Nordost Vahalla (not sure with the spelling). The ex...