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Tri-Art Audio Open 5 open, baffle speaker.
I finally purchased the 5 open from a Tri-art dealer.   I have wanted a pair for a few years and I was letting the price stand in the way, I was seeing others who have open baffles for slightly less.  Every time I heard them I would just be struck... 
Solid state amp recommendations for Maggies?
I know this is long past but for the curious who continues to look at the thread. I run Magnepan 1.7i and have used a multitude of amps and integrated amps and most have been very good to exceptional so my contribution is to say ...find an Atoll s... 
Buying a Tube Amplifier
Kclone my favourite speaker with Simaudio so far is the Axiom M80 and B&w 685....I have also like smaller Dynaudio when listening to female voice and jazz.you raise a very good point....would you have any suggestions or recommendations? 
Buying a Tube Amplifier
Daveyf thanks for that review that you did 
Buying a Tube Amplifier
I am having a hard time finding any information on the ARC D70, any suggestions where I can get some 
Buying a Tube Amplifier
I am going to play all sorts of music when I get my first tubes. I appreciate the information so far. Lots of reading still to do. I read a few article that make me think tube amps with tube preamps are not always good. any recommendations of tube... 
Best Towers Under $1500 for beginner system
Honest to Christ!! Buy the Axioms, they are awsome for the money, you will never be tired of listening to them 
Internet Direct Speakers.. Axiom M80 Thoughts
very old post but for anyone wondering about Axiom M80 speakers.....I bought a pair in 2010....it took sometime to find the right sound, however, using simaudio amps and preamps, these things are about as good as you can do for speakers under 6000...