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Tube sound is not about warmth. It's about correct presentation.
I don't pretend to know anything anymore.... BUT I have heard great sounding SS amps and horrible sounding Tube amps.  So many other things to consider (source, speakers, room, desired tone, genre of music etc.).  There doesn't always have to be a... 
The best speaker cables you’ve had
Mediabridge 12AWG Ultra Series Speaker Cable Is all you need. ✌🏻  
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
Just had my 1978 Pioneer SX-1280 recapped.  The amount of headroom this has for normal listening can certainly be matched today, however there is a warmth that It has that many spend $$$ searching for in a modern amp.  Upside, a fully restored SX-... 
End Game Turntable suggestions
Whatever you decide, consider .  I bought my Marantz TT-15S1 from them.  They set It up properly, mark the settings, send pictures and once you unbox It and assemble per their directions, you have a properly set up turnable an... 
I have found out why new cables and tweaks actually work!
Exactly! And also why a clean car always runs and drives better. 😁✌🏻  
Help me understand cartridge alignment
Buy a TT from Upscale Audio and have them set It up. 😁  
Do speaker cables really make a difference ?
After getting my Pioneer SX-1280 back from a full recap, I wanted to upgrade the old "by the roll" 16 gauge wire with 12 gauge.  I had already upgraded the crossovers on my HPM-100 200w version speakers which included banana plug posts.  So with t... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Just listened to a fresh pressing of The Who's Next. ✌🏻  
Welcome to Hell, here's your 8-Track
Horrible dynamic range, horrible frequency response, horrible s/n ratio, double tracking .... so to answer your question, NO. 🤣✌🏻  
CD player suggestions...
I just bought my first CD player in 26 years.  I wanted one that encouraged me to play the CDs I have, something that sounded more analog.  I purchased a Marantz 6007.  Very pleased with how good It sounds.  Additional, playing music through the U...