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original cambridge cxc cd transport
Maxboy00, my DAC is also a Lampizator Atlantic and thinking about a TRP upgrade. Can you describe you improvement you have experienced? Thanks! 
Bi-Wire with two pairs of speaker cables
Thanks for the quick response! They are definitely in the running. 
Bi-Wire with two pairs of speaker cables
I noticed that back in June of this year that the¬†Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus speaker cables, plus the matching jumpers were up for sale. Could you tell me why you decided to sell them. I'm considering possibly buying a pair. Thanks! 
Affordable Upgrade to Spelt Anti Cables?
I'm trying to purchase ELF Audio - Super Helix Gold 16awg speaker cables but some of the sellers are not sure if the cables they have are 16awg or 18 awg. Is there an easy way to tell? Thanks