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Wilson Alexia 2
@carey1110 For Alexx V i might also look at the KSA i800 Monoblocks. Thats 1.6kw/channel in 4ohm !!  
Wilson Alexia 2
Paired my Wilson Alexia 2s with the new Krell i400… WOW!  Highs and midrange on another level, musical - smooth…. Bass is also very nuanced and deep.  Great fit for this speaker.  I came from a recapped FPB 300, and did a lot of listening between ... 
Krell KSA-i400 Stereo Power Amplifier
I was reading about your DAC. I think in your case I might upgrade the DAC before the amp. Moving to a DCS or Aurender will be a meaningful jump up IMO.    but you are also looking at DACs 4-8x the price.    
Krell KSA-i400 Stereo Power Amplifier
I think I400 with a very good DAC.     But then it depends on DAC right… I think for what you have I would go i400… but not super familiar with your DAC. When I went from Aurender a10 to Bartok, it was a positive change but not ridiculous. Amp wa... 
Krell KSA-i400 Stereo Power Amplifier
I have the new Krell KSA i400, running it with Wilson Alexia II, EVO202 front end and DCS Bartok. Full loom of Nordost Valhalla 2. The amp is frankly amazing. The bass is super rich and full, the highs are magical and notes tend to float in the a... 
Krell HTS 7.1 Problem
I have some quirky issues every once and a while with my S-1000 processor. Sometimes when switching between DD5.1 and DD PLII + Surround, the Center channel becomes the rear left, the rear left becomes the center, the RR becomes the Sub, the L, R ... 
What amp should I use for the B&W htm2d and scm?
I was using a Krell KAV-3250, sounded great... Unfortunately it broke, and shipped off to repair. To tide me over, I picked up a Rotel RMB-1066, bridged to 150 WPC... To be totally honest, it sounds great too... Is the Krell sound better yes. Does... 
803D or 802D
i thought 802ds were only offered in cherry (light), rosenut or black. 
white noise from tweeters
totally normal. they all do it. no amplifier is totally silent. If it was a slight hum, or buzz, i would say something is wrong, but a hiss/white-noise sound is fine. 
Krell HTS 7.1 vs. Showcase
Had the showcase, recently upgraded to the s-1000. I would love to lie, but there is a significant difference. Whether it was worth more than double the price... not sure...I listen mostly two-channel, the surround on the s-1000 is MUCH better. 
B&W 802D vs. Sophia and
Not sure if you made your decision yet - but I was in the same boat and went through a similair process. I was dead set on the Sophias, but after going back and forth between the two I ended up with the 802D, and have never regretted it. The Sophi... 
Reccomendations for 802D's?
congratulations... i found the 802ds are VERY sensitive to placement... really chane sound. but with that, it will depend on the room.