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Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Dawg and 'T' - Live at Acoustic StageSome really on-fire pickin'!  RIP Tony Rice 
If you could have only one Christmas album/CD, which one?
Singers Unlimited.  My wife's CD, in fact.  I've played it so often now that what once seemed a fresh take on old songs isn't as fresh anymore.  But their harmonies and voices are fantastic-sounding to my ears. 
Is Vinyl Worth It
I just recently bought a turntable. It is the very first I've ever owned. (ProJect Debut Carbon) And a handful of LPs to go with it (most of them used for a couple of bucks).  I find it all so far very worthwhile to me.  Most of them sounded bette... 
Oregon Audiophiles...
Gaston here.