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Tube Amp, Preamp upgrades -- what did you do that improved your units?
I found a great improvement to my tube amp was to buy a power conditioner this made a big difference! I bought one for like $500 and it worked great!  
Horn speakers are really bright?
I have modified khorns I bought an upgrade package from volti audio.  This included all new drivers and new mid-range horns. I also had a new set of crossovers made this greatly improved the sound quality of the khorns. I feel they sound best wi... 
Holographic Soundstage ?
I found my tube amp performed much better once I got a power conditioner. I have horn speakers which helps with the imaging as well . Your tube amp might be underpowered  for the efficiency of your speakers this might explain lack of bass. I'd try... 
AC Dedicated Line
Use a separate common for  each circuit from the receptical to the power board. You should consider a quality power condishiner.  I hooked one up to my tube amp and all the hum dissapeared without any need for extra wiring . I was going to do the ... 
used Integrated tube amp under $1500 for Klipsch Cornwall III's?
Go vintage harmond karmon a500 there's refurbished ones out the for below your price point and will do a great job with the Hershey's once you go to tubes you won't go back.Look on eBay.  
Tekton or Klipsch
Get yourself some used k-horns and get the real deal! 
Recommnedation for the BEST SOUNDING integrated amp up to $3500
Yamaha 2ch are a good bang for the buck I like the retro look. 
Can anyone hear the difference when you add REL subwoofers when playing two channel
I added a t9i to my modified khorn set up and it works great . I like how it hooks up to the speaker outputs this seems to keep it life like and blends in great with the main speakers. Rel makes larger subs as well if you want more power. 
Looking to replace my (Mcintosh)
I picked up a Mac 2102 last year it's got lots of power and sounds great. After going to a tube amp you won't go back. 
Recommendations for CDP < $300
Yamaha cd-c600 is a 5 disc carousel has digital output and analog. I've got one in works great. Should be in your price range good luck.