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Tidal does not post the cost to buy a song or an album on their site
Like many others, I find Tidal to be a phenomenal deal. I love the fact that for $20/month I get such a wide variety of hi-fi quality music. Thanks to Tidal and this forum, I have discovered all sorts of new artists I might never have found. Some ... 
what speakers to buy
I was in a similar situation needing to buy audiophile level speakers without auditioning. Based on my reading of the AVS forum and Audiogon I determined it was pretty hard to go wrong with Dynaudio. One of the guys who deals on Audiogon hooked me... 
Tracks worth for a 1 Million system
@folkfreak Thank you for the suggestions. I look forward to testing them out.My new speakers and amp arrived courtesy of an Audiogon seller- Dynaudio contour 3.4s and an ATI 3000 amp. The speakers need breaking in but so far I'm impressed.  
Tracks worth for a 1 Million system
Do you guys have any recommendations for great classical guitar? Ideally a recording that really brings out the instrument. Many of the "classics" I've listened to sound too much like they were recording the venue as much as the artist.  
Tracks worth for a 1 Million system
I will check out all of these albums. I've liked good music for a long time now but only recently made hifi more of a hobby since a friend introduced me to Tidal- and the vast array of high quality music instantly available. I recently ordered som... 
Tracks worth for a 1 Million system
@erik_squires Wonderful selections. I listened to a sampling of all three. Do you have any other suggestions?