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The molecular level explanation of "cable burn-in"
My mom had alcohol issues and once used a zip cord on me. To her surprise the evidence appeared the next morning in the form of red welts. She put long sleeves on me and buttoned up my top button before sending me off to school.  These days I can ... 
What's up with the price of Vintage equipment?
I bought a Harman Kardon 730 that was in a pawn shop window in the early 2ooo’s for $80.  I ripped everything out except for the twin-powered amp section. I re-capped it and did some rewiring.  It’s coupled with newer upstream components and I enj... 
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
Crustycoot, yep, similar findings.  
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
My situation is a bit of a hybrid one vs a true old against new. I have a HK 730 that I gutted, only keeping the amp section. I put new filter caps in along with some other caps, and did some point to point wiring. I’m feeding it from an inexpensi...