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Frequency response + or - 1 dB ??
I realize the simplest crossover better the sound.  Frequency response starts with flat responce drivers.  Next the cabinet is, especially the front baffle, designed to help naturally flatten drivers.  Finally proper crossover points and the least... 
Your favourite Rush albums?
Vinyl sounds superb on my VPI Prime Signiture w/ Soundsmith Zephyr MI/MC Star.  I have Grace Under Pressure back to Fly by Night.  The rest on either cd or SACD. 
Your favourite Rush albums?
I truly enjoy them all, honestly! 
What’s the Right Power Amp Ratio For Bi-Amping?
I am using one stereo amp on each speaker. Left for mid highs and right for bass cabs.  The meter is always higher on mid highs.  Same amp.  Crossdover point between upper bass driver and lower mid driver is 230hz. 
What is the working principle of the Loudspeaker?
Hi agoners,  Some things to add.  Microphones and drivers are electromechanical devices.  As far as room sounds in recordings, they are important and are manipulated for the sound the engineer is trying to achieve.  You would be very impressed to ... 
Lightning quick DYNAMIC amp in the under $1000 range
Keep your eye on Ebay for an Emotiva XPA-2  Gen 2 300w channel 8 ohm Amazing!  I have owned three.  I now use two XPR-2 600w per channel x4 for a total of 1200w  600 to each bass cab 600 to each mid high. 
Any way I could have damaged my speakers?
I was having a ground issue with my tt and was wiggling the inter connects. I had the volume up to hear and one channel came off the tt.  I grounded the pin to the ring with my finger and got a super high pitched sound and blew both tweeters.  Sca... 
Stereo pre-amps with dual outs for bi-amping and a subwoofer line out
All four can be set to full range or two can be set to high pass 50 to 250 hz and two can be set to low pass 50 to 250 hz 
Stereo pre-amps with dual outs for bi-amping and a subwoofer line out
Emotiva XSP-1 preamp has four outputs 
Want to upgrade my cartridge from 2m blue to black
The 2m black will need to be properly adjusted to get the most from it with shibata stylus. If you cannot adjust both your stylus rake angle and azimuth properly you will be wasting your money.  If your confident in adjusting those 2 parameters an... 
Emotiva equipmet, how good is it?
I currently own an XSP-1 and I just upgraded from my 2 XPA 2 GEN 2  to 2 XPR 2.  The older Emotiva amps had huge trsnsfomers and lots of headroom.  The newer amps all have switch mode power supplies.  I still have both of my XPA 2s with over 2 yea... 
VPI Prime or Scout or ???
I recently bought the Prime signature from Upscale.  Still getting to know it.  there is a great video to help setup the prime turntables.  No problem! 
The most fun you can have in audio is DIYing your own speakers
I thought I would chime in and say I have built Troels Gravensens Jensen Illuminator s.  This is a truly audiophile speaker.   Check his site out you can't go wrong.