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Thumper’s Mother
Just a little respect!!!! We can all do that!!!!  
Streamer only
Just want to put a word in for Silent Angel M1T.  
Power cords: does length matter?
So what beat did Franklin not miss!  
An ANSWER....of sorts......
The sound comes from within. Study the the first reflection!  
Streamers under $1500
Soix,right on!!!  
Streamers under $1500
Does anyone know the Silent Angel M1T?  The SQ is really good for the cost?  
Streamers under $1500
I have the Wiim Pro and then upgrade to a Silent Angel  M1T. Sounds way better (software is nice) and is in your price range.  
Eric Carmen
Cyrus Erie  
Eric Carmen
If you ever have a change of heart!!!!!  
Eric Carmen
Yes funny??  
Eric Carmen
roxy5: guess your not from Ohio. Not sure you had to make that last statement,not sure what is was 4.