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Analog or Digital and why?
I travel full time in my motor home and I shudder to think what the equivalent weight of my 2,900 digital (FLAC) albums would be in vinyl form; 1s and 0s don’t weigh much! Not to mention the impossible physical storage!  Plus I rarely listen to an... 
Point of diminishing return for a DAC
I went from a bifrost to a chord hugo. Law of diminishing returns didn't apply there. HUGE difference. -Elevik+1 - I upgraded to Chord M Scaler and Chord Hugo TT 2 this summer and quite happy.   
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
I more or less reverse engineered Dennis Murphy's Philharmonic 2 speakers.  Which was fun in and or itself.  But the listening was just plain, well like music to my ears!