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Anyone compare Levinson 436 to Parasound Halo JC1
I own a Levinson 436 and was thinking of buying a few more for home theater and stereo listening. I thought I would take a shot at the JC1 to see if it was a giant killer (half the price of Levinson). Here are the results of my shootout...I did a ... 
Bidat vs. Perfecwave MSB Playback Design
I thought I would chime in on the preamp debate. I can understand how Vhiner might experience better sound using a tube preamp with the Biddat if in fact the volume control is flawed on the Biddat. On the other hand, a preamp in the playback chain... 
Bidat vs. Perfecwave MSB Playback Design
Looking forward to this DAC shootout! Awesome stuff! The MSB DAC III is of particular interest to me. One can bypass the preamp altogether since the MSB provides an analog input. None of the other DACs could be used as a preamp in this fashion. Re... 
Trading Dynaudio Contour s5.4's for ???
Try Totem Mani 2's instead of the Dynaudio's. I did some back to back listening tests when shopping a while back. The totem's were amazing at bringing a three dimensional sound stage, very forward and engaging midrage (I like this). Top end was ve... 
Totem Speakers on Levinson gear??
For me...Levinson 436 with Mani 2 has been the best setup I've heard to date. I've tried alot of different high end amps including Ayre. This combo brings music listening to an emotional experience. Soundstage and depth are the best I've ever hear... 
How does Totem do it ???
I just wanted to chime in on amplification. I purchased Mani-2's after listening to countless speakers in dealer show rooms. The speakers are just amazing as mani have noted here. In fact, all totem speakers are amazing when compared to the compet... 
Pass Labs X350.5 Vs. Mark Levinson ML No. 436?
I have not heard the Pass Amps as of yet but plan to do so. So far. The 436 is the best sounding amp I've ever had in my system. I've had other great amps like Ayre V1XE but still preferred the 436 
Levinson 333 Upgrad to 436 Monoblock
I have the 436 paired with Totem Sig Mani 2's. The combination is amazing and I've tried some other amps like Ayre V1-Xe. The Mani 2's share the same drivers as the Totem 1 so they should sound similar. 
Levinson 436 mono amp power cord
Oh Ya. Here is a link to that connector..http://www.furutech.com/a2008/product2.asp?prodNo=23 
Levinson 436 mono amp power cord
I made my own cord using slim Furutech IEC connectors. This one fits perfectly. Not Furutech's greatest IEC connector but I'm happy.