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The mistake armchair speaker snobs make too often
An at most, minor tidbit, according to a tiny bit of research online and in my handy dictionary, the word riffraff is to be written thus or at times is hyphenated: riff-raff.   Musikhead52  
Building a house
A great way to block sound transfer in addition to the the 2" x  6" staggered studs, is to put a layer of mass loaded vinyl between layers of drywall, or at least between the studs and drywall.  And it's not that expensive.  
My ears are ready to retire!
MusikheadI keep watching this venue and occasionally find some good info.  Not sure it's worth reading through all this infighting, though.I'd take a look at the AVM all-in-ones.  Just add speakers.Kindness and politeness rules. 
Opening Record Store
I mean, Musikhead. 
Opening Record Store
I am not a business person but have a good friend that is, and has sold businesses before.  She has told me there is a formula (there is probably more than one) based on the business's annual income, of which you pay a percentage as a purchase pri...