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Musica Pristina Experience
customer service is not dead.  It’s alive and well with Kevin of Musica Pristina.   I sincerely appreciate the compliment. I absolutely love high end audio, audio gear and audiophiles, and I'm glad to help when I can. 
Musica Pristina A Cappella III Streamer ?
@rdoc, thanks for the kind words, and for answering questions.Jesus from Sonore maintains a list of I2S compatibility between brands. You can find it here:  i2s - Google SheetsFrom what I was told, Rockna rolled out a firmware portal. From there ... 
Computer output to DAC, which route?
The "U" in USB stands for Universal. IEEE 1394 (Firewire) is NOT universal. Most motherboards have dropped support for it. And so are most DAC vendors, sadly, have too. Universality often wins out over quality.Motherboard based Toslink & RCA S... 
CAPS 3.0 Zuma vs Mac Mini
"Always a better mousetrap" is depressing. And, of course, subjective.Personally, I'm a big fan of Intel's SSDs, but not so of their motherboards. I'm a HUGE fan of FANLESS! Both the garbage created by the motor and sound it makes as it moves air ...