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This is good Schiit...
In order to have better results with Gungnir or Yggdrasil DAC's, it will be necessary to upgrade the Bluesound Node 2i also. A better streamer will make this upgrade more evident.  My suggestions with a good cost x benefit ratio will be Mercury St... 
Ethernet cables
I suggest the LINKUP CAT8. It made difference on my system after install on my system. Each cable is tested and its results is sent jointly with the package. 
BS Node 2i: WiFi or Ethernet..?
Based on my experience and in my setup I consider the ethernet connection is better. It is important to remark that I followed a hint from another forum and I confirmed that the great benefits occurred when the equipment to be connected has lan is... 
Really need help choosing audio streamer !!!
I consider that a RPi4 based solution is the best quality sound option. You can use the Allo Digione Sig Player + Shanti.Another option is the Pi2AES, that will cost you half of the Allo Digione Sig and its performance is very similar.  
Streamer vs. CD Transport
rvpiano,Thanks by the feedback related to the Black Cat Cable. This help us to better adjust our systems in the future.One thing that it is not clear to me is that the in the beginning of your post you are comparing the coax with optical. The cabl... 
Streamer vs. CD Transport
rvpiano,Nice to hear that you will try the Black Cat Silvestar. This way you will use the best connections between your equipments.  QJA 
Streamer vs. CD Transport
Another option is to use a cable similar to the Black Cat Silvestar, it has BNC termination with adapter for RCA connection, This way you can plug one of the sources to the Gungnir BNC input. IMHO the BNC is the best Gungnir input. Regarding the s... 
I want a streamer
Allo Digione Signature + Volumio. 
Any “value” competitor streamers vs Bluesound Node 2i?
I went to the same route you are going. I am using the Allo Digione Signature with Volumio with very good results.Darko also reviewed and compared both.