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dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
@jjss49 Could you tell us how the Toucan sounded relative to the Orchid?  
MHDT Orchid versus MHDT Pagoda..which one is best?...and why?
Hi Phil,Any idea where the MHDT Canary lies in the euphonic scale, as compared to the Orchid? 
Lampi Transport vs Aurender/Lumin etc
I'm curious about the new Sonore Signature Series Rendusee 
Zanden vs. Concert Fidelity DACs
Thanks Teajay!If anyone could comment on the sound of the Lampizator DACs in comparison to these I'd really appreciate it. 
Linear ATX Power Supply
Here are some for the Mac Mini!product/prd1/667867321/mpsu