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Transparent Audio is anything but Transparent
I'm not addressing directly your issue: I take advantage of the thread to point out a "form" issue of Transparent Audio that always annoyed me. A personal rant. How can a cable with a bulge between the two ends be called Transparent is beyond me.... 
An electrical engineer on how power cables can impact sound quality
Let's forward the Podcast to the thousands of sound technicians and engineers out there who produce music using mostly regular power cables.  
Chinese Cables that sound good
SKW is a Chinese cable brand. In my opinion they are well made.      
How many of you are digital only systems?
Digital only sources here.If I had money (and space) I’d consider to add a reel to reel player, though. It’s a fascinating machine.Nothing against analog. I’d like open reel tapes had the same success as vinyls are having now to make them a little... 
Dynaudio Heritage Special or Gershman Studio 2??
Thanks @ryder for your valuable informations. 
Dynaudio Heritage Special or Gershman Studio 2??
Thanks, @ryder, for your input about Marten.Good to know they are somehow revealing. I like smooth trebles – like @ijarvile.I guess Pass Labs amps could be a good match for Marten. Do you agree? Sorry if I'm hijacking a little bit the thread. 
Dynaudio Heritage Special or Gershman Studio 2??
I got the Dynaudio Contour 20i recently, coming from a B&W 805 (year 2001).Since you dislike cold/too bright tweeters, I guess you’ll appreciate the sweetness of the Dynaudio Esotar3 tweeter. It’s the same mounted on the Heritage Special.Swede...