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All: My sincerest apologies; I was so accustomed to seeing the abbreviations I defaulted to using them myself HFC - High Fidelity cable Rick Schultz ( from Virtual Dynamics and HFC designs) No website; look up under Agon member name draudio T... 
Sorry.  Didn't mean to be mysterious.  He's on Audiogon both under his name, the cable line and draudio as the Agon member. Obviously it's easier to critique a recommendation than to take the time to look things up like I did. Was just trying to... 
Focal v Wilson
So depends on your ear and the listening space.  Have speakers from both companies.  And "last years model" or demos can be had within your price range. Bedroom -- vintage Teresonic tube integrated, Focal Diablo Utopia Eco, cabling a mix of High ... 
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
I have a Auralic G2 playing through a PS audio perfect wave DAC, a esoteric N 05 and a Ayon S10 Signature.   The Ayon is far and away the best