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Ethernet cables
Very interesting responses so far! I tried using a high qualirty mains block on my router rather than the cheap one I was using and immediately heard the difference. So and LPS may be the way to go. It's just a standard BT router, so now the quest... 
Swiss cables
i too have the Swiss cables evolution interconnects between my chord DAC and Luxman amp. Prefer them to similar priced Chord and JPS ones.  
Excess speaker wire
Thank you b4icu442. I have no intention of cutting my cables as they are factory terminated and cost a lot of money (for me). Good to know that the shape of the lay is not a bid deal. One of these days I'll have to route them under my floorboards.... 
Excess speaker wire
Thank you all for such an informative and detailed responses. At the moment I am running the excess length in a zig zag, figure of 8 fashion and it seems ok for now. However allthe excess wire is on the floor underneath my hifi racks unit, right u...