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Bearings for Revox reel to reel
You might ask Jack Clark at JM Terchnical Arts in Nashville. He was Studer/Revox's US Service Manager. 
where to buy new blank quality cassette tapes?
I am not aware of anyone making high quality cassette tape. Unless you are luck and can find NOS tapes at an Audio Store your best bet is ebay. Be prepared for sticker shock though 
Opinion on Nakamichi azimuth tape decks please
There were 4 Nakamichi decks with playback azimuth adjustments; the Dragon which is automatic and the CR-7A, Cassette Deck One and DR-1 (I believe) that were manual. The 670ZX, 680ZX, 681ZX, 682ZX, 700ZXE, 700ZXL and 1000ZXL had auto azimuth align... 
London, Ontario
Hi:I live in Strathroy, Ontario. Always happy to talk about music and electronics and get together with others.Kevin 
My personal crisis with China Crisis....
I love China Crisis as well. Try "Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms", "Possible Pop Songs Vol 2", "Flaunt the Imperfection" and "Acoustically Yours". Try to find the english pressings if possible. 
Any Digital Lens Owners out there?
Hi: I have one - it's 12 pages. I can get it copied for about $5.00 plus postage (I'm in Canada) - say $6.00 total if you are interested.Kevin 
Mirage OM Series Speakers / Component Matching
I also own the OM-5s and love them. I am driving them with a Sim Audio Moon W-3 which does a great job. If you can audition a W-3 or the larger W-5. 
Are LAT International speaker cables worth?
I am using their bi-wire cables and I think they are wonderful