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Help Me Name a New Band
"All About The Sound" 
Jazz Crossovers to the Pop Charts/Timeless Classic
George Benson "On Broadway" 
Help with Totems
Have owned the Arros and now the Hawks. The Arros are a surprisingly articulate speaker and image very well IMO. In the right room they produce a good deal of bass relative to it's size. I auditioned the Staffs prior to purchasing the Arros and fo... 
Washington D.C.
The CD Depot in College Park recently has begun to carry used vinyl. They also carry new and used CD's. Fairly decent collection of all styles of music in CD form. 
Best floorstanders under $600
Agree on the Arro. You can likely find a used pair in that price range. 
totem arro
Found them to be very good speakers. Good with all music but outstanding with jazz and acoustic instrumentation. As they break in the bottom end really improves and they image very well. Top end very clear without being shrill. If you decide to go... 
No sound and red power light on NAD C372
Similar problem. Also able to resolve by checking source buttons. 
Thanks to everyone for the input. 
How does Totem do it ???
Can anyone offer up a comparison of the Totem Rainmaker/Arro and the Meadowlark Audio Swift. Thanks...