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Cartridge Force - Is a Little 'Over-Force' Okay?
Get some lead tape to add weight to the counterweight. It is available in the golf section of sporting goods stores.  
is ok to use wifes new make up brush to clean styius needle
I bought a set on clearance and the smallest looks a lot like a stylus brush I have seen online. I use it to brush dust bunnies off stylus, works great. I also have an sc2 short bristle carbon fiber brush and use majic eraser every few sides. I us... 
With Internet radio, (streaming) do AM\FM tuners serve any purpose in HEA?
Several good fm stations here. Classical, jazz, Colorado Public Radio and the mostly rock Colorado Sound. All public radio with translators all over the state. LA has many good stations too. We have XM too, mostly sucks except the Beatles channel. 
Why Does All Music Sound the Same; An Explanation
I don't go to live music in small venues anymore, seems people just want it loud, distortion be damned. I saw Tedeschi Trucks band at U of Missouri a few years ago. Large Music dept btw. The opening act was good, excellent sound. The T Trucks band... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Picked up a Rory Block lp, listening with an m91ed with new needle (20 hours.) Why have I never heard of her? She has 20+ albums. Fantastic acoustic guitar playing. 
I wonder how many audiophiles there are these days
The snobbish wannabes is telling. Weren't you all wannabes once? Wannabes are the future. Without them high end will die with the boomers. 
Jennifer Warnes: the Well, Famous Blue Raincoat, Another Time Another Place. Her voice, timing and instrumentation (tree trunk drum, 19th century accordion...)All vocalists mentioned are excellent. Also Joan Baez 
MFSL worth it?
It's Brothers and Sisters. Bought it for $2, didn't realise it was sealed. 
Headphones as Models for Speakers? Interesting Read from Herb Reichert - Opinions Please
I have heard single driver speakers that sounded great but no real bass. You need big speakers for solid bass and then the mids and highs get smeared, dopler distortion. For a while, early 70s, I had speaker boxes that if you stacked them were the... 
MFSL worth it?
Thanks for the replies. Not my favorite allman bros album, but not bad. When it was new we passed it around. Those were the days. I paid $2 so I can't lose. I will probably take it to the big city and see what I can get in store credit.How did we ...