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Too many speakers for home theater?
No..Get a processor with the Logic7 processing from Lexicon. That alogrythm will make those speakers work magic 
Review: Emm Labs DCC2 DA converter
Tireguy,Actually I also have a very good turntable and phono section but I don't find the need to come up with various adjectives to describe it. Yeah it sounds good, smoother than digital. If its that good then I guess we will never see any on Au... 
Review: Emm Labs DCC2 DA converter
Tireguy, I am somewhat confused at your statement that it is unlike ANYTHING out there today. I mean you obviosly haven't heard every possible combo and you make it seem like amps and speaker, (which actually play the music),don't make a differenc... 
Lexicon MC-12, Anthem AVM-20, B &K Ref 30?
I own the mc12 and before I bought it I tried and heard every high end home theater proccesor with the exception of the Levinson 40, it wasn't out yet and over my budget, which by the way uses the logic7 proccesor from Lexicon. The Levinson is $30...