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getting into streaming
Hi @petaluman The Bluesound Node has a remote and can be used with an external DAC. The Oppo Sonica although discontinued has a remote, however output is analog.  
Comparison of latest DAC chips
Oppo sonica or RME ADI-2 DAC. The DAC from RME has a dizzying number of settings and menus as well. 
List your state of art headphones for smart phone use!
For closed back over ears NAD HP 70 comfort is great for me others have reported a few issues.https://www.amazon.com/NAD-HP70-Wireless-Headphone-featuring/dp/B079LXH6NXCrossfade Wireless 2https://www.amazon.com/V-MODA-Crossfade-Wireless-Over-Ear-H...