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Audio Research Reference 3 voltage conversion
hii all of the arc ref 3can bee connvert from 120v to 220v 240vi have done that to my ref3 
Any experience with Von Schweikert Master-Built?
yes i have they are much beter s.c then the kubla sosna emoction that i use beefor on my vr4 srihave not tride the powercord or e.c 
Shunyata versus Elrod
hallo what power cord is best for emc1 up cdp? thank you 
Electrocompaniet EMC1 vs EMC1UP CD player
just to open up and loock inside and year of brith.jacob 
Ayon CD-2 sonics? thoughts? opinions?
hello i hear it comper to emc1up and its a lot better sonding then the emc1up.it is mor livly and open in the mid hige.it have two opcehn for reading the disc1- for regular cd and 2-for 24 bits cds.thanks jacob.