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New to Integrated stereo tube amps
I've been enjoying my new Raven Nighthawk 3.1 since the beginning of March. I love it! No regrets whatsoever! James and Dave are the best! I really love the wide and deep soundstage. The detail and resolution blow me away. Bass is extended and dee... 
Raven Blackhawk LE... am I going to be disappointed?
I have had a Raven Nighthawk 3.1 for almost four months now. First tube amp I have ever had. I love it! Sounded good right out of the box. After a couple of conversations with Dave, I made a couple of tube changes. Now it blows me away. Speakers a... 
Raven celeste competitors/alternatives
I have a new Raven Nighthawk 3.1.My first experience with tubes. If you don't count my first car, a '61 Plymouth with a tube radio. My speakers are KEF R3's on stands. Mid sized room. I am very happy with the combo! And they look great!   
Raven Audio Nighthawk
I received my Nighthawk 3.1 three weeks ago. I love it! Have not heard any hum. Dead quiet. I'm very glad that I purchased one. Only reason I would send it back would be to move up to an Osprey. But I'm pretty satisfied, so I probably won't.  
whats the very best sounding cables for realistic money
Morrow Audio, Signal Cable, or Take Five Audio.  
Recommendation for speaker upgrade for main home listening and audio environment
I just got a pair of KEF R3. They were demos, and I paid 1400 for them. KILLER!