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McIntosh fuse changeout to make better sound
Isn't the real question how to properly break-in the fuse? ;-) 
Best used integrated under $5k
Best?  Hard to say.Great bargain? Krell KAV 300i 
What are the sexiest components ever made?
1. B&O Beosound 90002. B&O BEOLAB 8000 speakers3. Anything with McIntosh meters4. B&W N802 speakers 
How to divide up your budget in building a 2-Channel HiFi system
Everything I've learned in four rules:1.  Buy used if you're not sure. Mistakes are more forgiving.2.  Buy quality analogue; it will last a very long time.  3.  Don't overspend on digital; it will become outdated quickly.4.  Admire, but don't cov... 
Singular Amplification Experience; Review Now Published
"The rest of us, who understand that an amp’s sound is no more harmed by placement on cinder blocks or furniture dollies versus a $10K audiophile stand, are managing quite nicely."My commercial restaurant rack shelving (on casters) makes my amps t... 
New McIntosh DA2 DAC
I applaud McIntosh for its move to a modular DAC design. I read elsewhere on this site that McIntosh chose a ESS Sabre 9028pro chipset for its DA2 (the DA1 incorporated the ESS Sabre ES9016). I like the sound of the c2700 with its DA2 and pair it ... 
Impossible.  Unless the paint has a battery ;-)