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Dust in the window
We really need our sanctuaries.  This is what keeps us sane.  
How to Improve Gain for RCA on Preamp. Can it be done?
Thanks again!  I agree it's time to get a real dedicated phono stage.  But just to let you know, I did try a highly recommended phono stage for a couple of hundred bucks and it was no where - I mean no where - as good as my Luxman.  
How to Improve Gain for RCA on Preamp. Can it be done?
Even with an XLR adaptor it will remain unbalanced and I believe voltage remains the same?   
How to Improve Gain for RCA on Preamp. Can it be done?
Thanks for the help. I am using a MM cartridge. My TT connects to a 90’s luxman integrated receiver with phono stage (not bad actually) but I could not for the life of me find the phono output (or figure it out). This is the closest I could find ... 
World's Best Speakers For 2021 ?
The one I can afford and that makes me happy. That's the worlds best.  Seriously.  
Stratospheric audio gear prices
I don't know about all that.  For 30K you can get yourself an audio system that you can be very very very happy with.  What automobile can you get for that cash, a Honda Civic?  I think it's  a pretty good hobby price wise. 
Raven Audio Nighthawk
My impression is there's a few people on this site maybe 5-10 who keep pushing the same products, one of them being raven (you know the other products).  Maybe these posters are harmless and certainly they have been posting here for a long time an... 
My ears are ready to retire!
NAID M10 Streaming Amplifier would be perfect for someone after digital and all in one good quality and pairs with all kinds of apps (ios/android/mac etc) so you can stream from Tidal and Qobuz.  You can decide what speakers to use but should be r... 
Best Server To Run Roon Core
One major point i want to emphasize.Everyone focuses on the DAC but most DAC's are pretty darn good.  The weakest link is often the music server.  I have a several thousand dollar mac mini I thought was just fine but it was destroyed hands down by... 
Best Server To Run Roon Core
Get a roon endpoint.  Raspberry pi is your starting point but with a small upgrade to include a well designed HAT (hardware attached on top) you are one step from unbelievable sound at a great price. For me, the PI2AES was the way to go and beat m... 
XLR or RCA for my new DAC
I use XLR with my Schiit Freya Plus preamp (DAC --> Schiit via XLR).  I tried RCA but XLR yields a higher gain and that was the deciding factor for me.