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40+ watts SET, cost is not a problem
Line Magnetic LM-845 Premium 2x30W Line Magnetic LM-805 2x48W  
So I bought the Willsenton R-800i
Thank you @chmaiwald   
So I bought the Willsenton R-800i
@jbhiller ​​@chmaiwald you guys still use tube amps with Cornwalls? How did you placed those speakers in your room? (distance from front wall,between them and from your chair)  
Looking for recommendations for a 'warm' sounding DAC
duckworp , which dac did you finally get?  
Can a DAC sort out a flat\cold amp?
Not the cheapest fix but Sw1x dac will give your system some balls   
DAC Merry Go 'Round- why I stopped at Weiss
@jimmy2615 what are the differences in sound between Terminator 2 and Weiss501 ?  
DAC better than Denafrips Pontus II
@rohlim Why did you sell it and what are the differences between them ? 
Speaker suggestions please - going to the BIG city
Simply Stereo in Palatine (Chicagoland) has lots of good stuff like Tannoy,Focal,Sonus Faber,Dali,Paradigm,Klipsch.Also Primaluna dealer  
Why would anyone want class AB amp when class A always sounds better ?
Hello. Interesting debate. I’m in the market for integrated amp to pair with my Goldenear Triton 2+ speakers. In the next couple of weeks I want to demo Pass Labs Int-25, McIntosh Ma-352, Luxman 509/507 590/550 depends what dealer will have in sto... 
Raven Audio Nighthawk MK3
I ordered mine a week ago,can’t wait to hear it at home.Hopefully it will pair well with my Goldenear Triton 2+ . 
PrimaLuna EVO 400 or Raven Audio Blackhawk integrateds?
@larseand what did you finally get? 
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling
Nice long read . I’m not really convinced that cables make big difference but would love to try them. Anyone around Chicago that can build some cables for me ? 😃