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A switch for 3 amps
Dock audio VU 2 for $189 will do the trick. Read reviews. May want to add a different power supply.   
Small satellite speakers
Sonus Faber   
Bringing Bryston 4B back to 1997 new.
Bryston doesn’t change existing circuitry . They do update caps and filters if they can. It will still be the same amplifier as it was when it was when manufactured. I’m not likely to be spending $7400 for the cube series.   
Bringing Bryston 4B back to 1997 new.
Thank you for your detailed response. I’m right behind you age wise. Lately I’ve been reading about  purifi amplifiers and what looks like an novel new way of amplification. Up till now nothing has come along that I thought was significantly bette... 
Burned Pecan Pi
I have the same set up as you. Volumio is a bit buggy at times. I haven't experienced anything that powering off and back on hasn't fixed. Seems geared to folks who know their way around basic programing. That's not most people. On another system ... 
Thiel Owners
Hi fellow Thiel owners. Long time owner here. I have power plane 1.2's , 3.5's and 2.4's. A couple questions  regarding the 3.5's being used as home theater speakers.  I  have an early model SVS subwoofer with the thiel EQ plugged in. A B&K 20...