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Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
My Berning ZH270. Six years now of zero hysteresis and zero desire to change. 
Add Preamp to Berning ZH270
hzhu1920,i use the placette 3 input passive with my berning, using a half meter interconnect. dynamics and bass are outstanding, though my system was not bass shy to begin with, and the berning sound is preserved.i tried the placette after running... 
Berning ZH270 Synergy
Budrew,I have the ZH270 matched with Piega P10's-the older grand piano black, not the newer aluminum models. The Piegas are rated at 89 db sensitivity and are a 4 ohm load, and I use them in a 17x14 room. I had some trepidation when I ordered it a...