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Easily the best and most significant sonic tweak one could ever make!
AJ, one of the best posts I have seen on here.   It has always seemed to me likely that given the cost of our shared hobby that it is likely many of us are, shall we say, mature!   Much the same in my other dalliance, motor racing.  given that dem... 
Whats your favourite track to play to the non hi-fi visitor?
Jesse Cook, 'Shake' from his 2015 'One World' album.  Recording masterpiece.  I use it for hifi shop demos and every time the salesman will ask me what it is because they want to get a copy.  
Who are your three favorite female singers?
The OP asked for three.  That makes it difficult.  One is much easier.  And then there is absolutely no doubt in my head.Morgan James 
Moving to France
There is but one thing wrong with France.  It is, of course, the French.  
Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?
When you go to your audiologist he should check your overall hearing loss and also be able to pinpoint the frequency of the tinnitus itself. Mine is a steady signal at 3khz in the right ear.  I had hearing aid made which are programmed to play ran... 
Wow an old album that rocked your world
Joe Cocker, Organic.  RIP